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Le Samedi Politique avec Xavier Raufer – Macron : entre anarchie et dictature

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Since the arrival of Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée in 2017, a political theme seems to have particularly attracted the disinterest of the president: insecurity. Prompt to order the Police to repress Yellow Vests, angry caregivers and so on, the government, new and old, forgets its role of protecting citizens. While the nation state has suffered an unprecedented collapse, between the disappearance of sovereignty and social cohesion and the consecration of finance. Apart from electoral periods, no politician attaches any importance to the scourges that undermine the morality of the French people. With leaders increasingly disconnected from the real world, the population is subjected to increasingly seasoned criminality and delinquency.The absence of a penal response has become a habit, until the moment when the will to do justice itself will become for this resigning State a scurge too great to contain .

Criminologist Xavier Raufer looks back on an alarming security situation, which worsens over time, in the apathy of some and the disinterest of others, until the day when those who suffer from the authoritarianism of power will fall into anarchy.